Specialist oncology massage, manual lymphatic drainage, lymphoedema and remedial massage therapist.

Asako Ford is very passionate about the care and treatment for those suffering from lymphatic or oncological illnesses. Her practice includes nursing home visits, palliative care patient visits and also treating patients at her private clinic in Elsternwick and Southern Breast Oncology in Bentleigh East.



Manual LYmphatic Drainage (MLD)

a delicate, light form treatment favouring the stimulation of lymph nodes to promote better flow.

Oncology Massage


Reduces the side effects experienced from the conventional treatment of cancer and the symptoms of the disease process itself.

Lymphoedema Treatment

Decongestive Lymphatic therapy

Get fitted for your medical compression garment by a Lymphoedema specialist and receive expert skincare treatment for the affected area.



  • Remedial Massage
  • Scar Tissue Treatment
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Pregnancy massage

In August 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Approximately six months after lumpectomy, node removal and subsequent radiotherapy, I found myself with scar tissue and lymphoedema of the breast.
At the time of my first visit to Asako my breast was constantly extremely uncomfortable/painful as a consequence that she knew what she was doing and would do her utmost improve my situation.
She used a laser device to breakdown/reduce scar tissue and massage to improve lymph flow.
The laser and massage treatment a my first appointment with her resulted in immediate, very significant, physical relief.  I could not have imagined the improvement possible prior to my appointment.
I have subsequently had several appointments with Asako, all of which have proved beneficial.
My scar tissue has reduced and my lymphoedema has responded well to treatment from Asako.  I can only speak highly of the quality treatment I have had, and continue to receive.
I recommend Asako to anyone seeking lymph drainage/scar tissue treatment and believe they would benefit from her service.
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ms Asako Ford by my Oncology doctors at Southern Breast Oncology.
Asako is available there weekly and it has allowed me to receive needed Lymphoedema massage because of surgeries for breast cancer.  The surgeries caused build-up of scar tissue which was painful in addition the the discomfort caused by lymphoedema.
Asako has managed to reduced and almost obliterate the pain I felt when I started seeing her in few months ago. Additionally, she has introduced technology which has allowed the breaking up of scar tissue without the pain of doing so by massaging.
I did not realise till then that whilst was aware that lymphoedema may cause pain and discomfort, the scar tissue pain was creating real concerns that the cancer may be back. As as patient is recovery that is the last thing I need as we all know the importance of moving forward and living life fully and with as positive outlook as possible.
Thank you Asako and the wonderful team of doctors at Southern Breast Oncology.
Since starting treatment with Asako, I have noticed that the swelling in my right breast has reduced and nipple looks normal again.  I have also noticed that I no longer have hard scar tissue inside of my right breast, meaning that my right breast is no longer painful as it was when I started treatment.  
Massage (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) on the face has also helped with my dry mouth and eyes (Sjogren's syndrome).  
Overall I feel a general well being after treatment which makes me want to continue treatment for as long as possible.
I have one word to describe Asako, that is, she is truly ‘AMAZING’.
By far Asako is the best therapist I have ever come across, her beautiful genuine and positive personality, mixed with her attentive and high skill set makes her brilliant in her line of work. Asako clearly has a huge passion for her job, to which this completely comes through with every session I have had with her over the past year. Do you yourself a favour and book a session in with Asako, it will be an incredible and special experience.

- Fiona

Don’t hesitate to book a session with Asako - we were lucky enough to discover her about 12 months ago and have both been having the best, most relaxing regular massage treatments ever since. Asako is an extremely talented therapist, a warm and caring person and a true professional in her practice.

 - Mel & Richard

I have been coming to see Asako for the past few months for an oncology scar tissue treatment having had breast cancer a few years ago. Since being treated by Asako, my scar tissue has almost disappeared and the breast tissue has become quite smooth. Asako is a very caring and gentle person. I absolutely love coming to see her and at the end of each treatment leave feeling fantastic and so relaxed. Asako is an excellent massage therapist and one can feel she puts all her soul and care in the treatment!

- Sylvie